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Meet The Board

Meet the dedicated individuals shaping the vision and impact of Bill's Wish.

Together, they form a dynamic team committed to making a positive impact on

the lives of those who have served our nation.

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Connor Cremens


President from Boston, MA manages board meetings, logistics, and engages with Veterans and treatment providers. Oh, and also leads our amazing team! Outside work, he enjoys family time, fishing, grilling, and football. Connor is passionate about connecting Veterans with treatment and subsidizing costs. Getting to know the Veterans and their families by assisting them in utilizing us and our resources to achieve success and happiness is the best part of being on this board. He also assists Veterans with legal issues as a partner at Kowitz Law. Life motto: "It's not the critic who counts; credit belongs to the one in the arena, daring greatly for a worthy cause. In the end, it's about knowing the triumph of high achievement or failing while daring greatly, never with the cold and timid souls who never dared to try." - Theodore Roosevelt

Tim Vasquez

Vice President

Vice President from Saint Paul, MN, takes his role at Bill’s Wish with a "whatever you need from me" attitude and a passion for mental health. Beyond his role, he enjoys golfing, family time, and embracing his knucklehead side. Tim sees Bill's Wish as a unique platform to address Veterans’ and their families' needs promptly. His commitment is not just a professional duty; it's a personal tribute to Lieutenant Bill Kowitz, a friend and mentor who played a pivotal role in Tim's young career. Life motto: “Inspire Others To Do What Inspires Them.”


Mike Caputo


Board Secretary and Tech Bro from Coon Rapids, MN, handles spreadsheets, agendas, minutes, and website maintenance. Beyond his work with Bill’s Wish, he enjoys fishing, hunting, off-roading, and instilling a great love for the outdoors in his son. Mike understands the struggle of not having reliable transportation, making the Wheels for Warriors mission particularly close to his heart. Highlight of being on this board? "Serving those who've served us."

Life motto: "Getter dunn."

Jordan Kowitz

Director of Sponsorship

Director of Sponsorships from Arizona (originally from Minnesota), serves as a vital point of contact in all our partnerships and brings in crucial funds from our amazing sponsors. In his free time, he enjoys travel, poker, and family moments with his kids. Bill's Holiday Wish is particularly meaningful to him, helping families during the holiday season adds a deeper meaning to the organization's year-round support. Best part of being on the board? Hearing how the organization positively impacts lives directly from the Veterans and families that we help. Life motto: "The name on the front of the jersey is more important than the name on the back."


Taylor Tollefson

Director of Compliance

Director of Compliance from Zimmerman, MN, oversees the impactful Wheels for Warriors mission. He ensures donated vehicles are safe and reliable for service-members and Veterans in need. For Taylor, the most rewarding moment is handing over keys knowing that Bill's Wish has made a meaningful impact on their lives. Outside of work he enjoys family time, hockey, golf, fishing, hunting, and home improvement projects. The best part of being on the board is helping fellow service-members and Veterans and applying his military and professional experience to make a difference. Life Motto: "What you choose to focus on becomes your reality."

United States Marine Corps infantry (2010-2014)

Minnesota County Veterans Services Officer (2017-2023)


Mark Shelley

Director of Special Events

Director of Special Events from Elk River, MN, focuses on organizing the impactful Highway to Help 5K Fundraising Event. He feels this event is a powerful blend of the mission's spirit and the dedicated individuals who make it all possible. In his free time, Mark enjoys fitness, trail riding, reading, and taking on new home projects. His passion for helping in need Veterans and their families is what brought him to Bill’s Wish. Life motto: "Strive for unconditional kindness."


Cody Thielen


Treasurer from Dubuque, IA, meticulously manages funds and provides financial guidance. Outside of Bill's Wish, Cody cherishes time with his wife and family, enjoys walks with his dogs, playing a variety of sports, practicing Jiu Jitsu, and diving into books. Cody is most passionate about our mission, he believes Veterans deserve every chance possible to succeed. He finds fulfillment in seeing the tangible impact of our work and being surrounded by a dedicated team. Proud to be part of Bill's Wish, Cody is committed to serving those who've served us. Life motto: "Be where you are; otherwise you will miss your life."


Sidney Felber

Board Member

Sid from Minnesota (originally Florida) brings a dynamic spirit and unwavering dedication to his role on the board. With a passion for planning, implementing, and executing initiatives, he plays a vital role in driving the organization's mission forward. Beyond his duties at Bill's Wish, you'll often find Sid cruising on his motorcycles, embracing the freedom of the open road. His favorite mission is the Highway to Help 5K, where he finds gratification in raising awareness about Veteran suicide and supporting those struggling with mental health and chemical dependency issues. For Sid, the true reward lies in serving those who have served their country and collaborating with like-minded individuals who share a common vision of healing and support for Veterans. Life motto: “SEMPER FI”

On the Road

Wes Harvey

Board Member

Wes Harvey, a Carver County native, serves as a devoted Board Member. He puts a large focus of his efforts into networking and investing in the future of Bill's Wish. In his free time, he finds joy in socializing with his friends and family, exercising, traveling, and watching a good flick. His passion lies in the Mental Health Advocacy mission and providing mental and chemical health services to Veterans and their families. Wes believes in the remarkable progress of Bill's Wish and its enduring impact on the community for years to come. Life motto: "Do better for your fellow person"

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