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Wheels For Warriors

Wheels for Warriors is a year round initiative focused on providing reliable

transportation to Veterans.



Oftentimes a vehicle can be the difference between getting by and thriving. Our Wheels For Warrior mission is dedicated to providing reliable transportation solutions to Veterans in need. Each vehicle is inspected to ensure safety and we work with recipients on title transfers and initial insurance. Through donated vehicles, we aim to enhance Veterans' mobility, independence, and overall quality of life.

Have a car to donate and want to join us in honoring their service and supporting their journey beyond the battlefield? Email Taylor Tollefson at


"I'm incredibly fortunate to have received a vehicle from Bills Wish Wheels for Warriors nonprofit  organization. I was caught in a line of unfortunate events in my life, including losing my only source  of transportation and financial difficulties. Due to this, I was missing school and work, and my life  was going downhill fast. With this vehicle, I can continue pursuing my goals in life, which would not  have been possible without the amazing people from Bills Wish and everyone who has contributed  towards Bills Wish. I want to thank them for their selfless service to me and other service members,  Veterans, and family members in need."
- Nick M.



"Thank you Bill’s Wish! Every mile that I drive is a blessing. I have been able to drive myself to doctor’s appointments & meetings without having to borrow a car, I have freedom to take my boys to the park on a whim without waiting for a vehicle, and I don’t have to worry about how I will make it to classes or training events when I start school in the fall. One day I’d like to be able to donate a vehicle to Bill’s Wish so that they can bless another vet with such a kind and gracious gift. Thank you, truly thank you."

- Stephen H.

Wheels for Warriors Application

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